Bliss Women Gives Back

Join. Support. Engage. 


Your support mATTERS.

Bliss Women provides opportunities for women to pursue their careers and purpose. From our mentorship program to our give back initiative, we’re here to help women sustain a healthier and happier lifestyle.

BW Gives Back, a program that connects with local businesses, schools and non-profits to engage support for their missions, and bands together to ensure success for their goals. 

We established this program to simply do our part in society and make a difference in a woman's life by paying off a bill or covering a cost towards their education, so they can continue to do the good work that benefits so many. 

We believe that supporting women will lead to success not only in their own lives but in the lives of those around them. 

Contact Founder and Editor, Taja Fox, for additional information and to discuss your interest in the BW Gives Back program.