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At Bliss Women, we enjoy a good laugh, and we aim to keep it positive, professional, and most of all, fun! We are always looking for creative, ambitious and joyous women to join our team, support each other, and help create change in the world. Have a skill set that you think would fit our team? Send us an email. We'd love to have you! 

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Founder & Editor


Taja Fox is a writer, mentor, and community builder who is known for her inspiring content, and entrepreneurial advice through her articles, blog, and twitter chats. 

Her faith based approach to creating digital content is changing the way we look at online marketing. She inspires others to look beyond themselves, utilise their gifts, and build clarity in their daily habits for a more sustainable lifestyle.

Learn more about Taja at 



Ally AnaLore

blisS women intern

Hi everyone! My name is Ally and I am a senior at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg. I spend my time incorporating my passion for writing and photography with health, wellness and food. When I am not creating, you can find me at the gym, paddleboarding or creating new recipes.


Michelle Peichoto

bliss women mentor

Michelle Peichoto works in the corporate sector and on her way to becoming a registered yoga teacher. She is passionate about health and wellness as well as the benefits of  meditation and mindfulness have on the body, mind and soul. In her free time she enjoys being outdoors, travelling, reading health blogs, and spending time with loved ones as well as her two dogs. 


Shauna Allen

bliss women mentor

Shauna Allen is a Licensed Professional Counselor, but in her little corner of the internet, she is a Life Enrichment Coach teaching women how to nourish their souls by getting clear and focused on their life goals, while creating balance in their life.


Jodi Lewis

bliss women mentor

Jodi Lewis is a mother of three and the CEO of J.D. Lewis Group, a marketing and public relations firm assisting brands both locally and internationally. She is passionate about seeing others succeed and helping her clients achieve their goals. 


Ambily Viswam

blisS women Community manager

Ambily Viswam is a registered nurse with over 10 years of experience in Bermuda and abroad. She is a strong advocate for woman and child rights. She enjoys social media and reading and was a published writer during her school and college days. When she's not working, you can find her at the beach and spreading bliss around  the island.


David Foley


David Foley of Foley's Fotos has dedicated himself to providing our photography needs from the start. He is committed to producing the finest in photographic images and takes enormous pride in creating beautiful galleries for his clients. His quality images can also be found on  

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Elena Smith

email & influencer Marketer

Elena Smith is an Assistant Childcare facilitator who works with and inspires children from as young as two months old to 12 years of age. She is known for her teaching methods and the community care she gives while trying to expand her brand. When she is not working on her brand or caring for children, you can find her doing kickboxing aerobics, reading novels, and enjoying life.