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Bliss Women Mentors are a treasure, and we couldn't thank them enough for their hard work and dedication they give to guide and listen to our Bliss Women Mentees. Learn more about our mentors, here


About Bliss women mentoring program 

BWMP is a FREE remote mentorship program created for women by women, to empower and support hardworking, curious, and career driven women. We believe in the power of impact and how one woman can make a huge difference in the community if she had the right support system, no matter where she is in the world.

Although our mentorship program is primarily remote, Bliss Women is not aimed solely at remote mentoring. We had a lot more to give and wanted to offer those who are unable to participate in traditional mentoring programs, an opportunity.

Having our mentorship program remote structured allows not only our mentors but our mentees the flexibility to connect and gain the advice and support they need to move forward. Mentees will work with their mentors to determine the most valuable topics to discuss. We expect these might focus on career development, goal setting, skills development, and giving feedback.


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