Why Healing Bermuda is a Must Read

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One of the many goals I've set before me this year is to read 3 to 5 books each month with topics relating to self-growth, servant leadership, and health, and I'm proud to say that I've reached my goal this month. 

Healing Bermuda: The Real Solution to Your Health Crisis, written by Dr Peets Talbot, Dr Beth Hollis and Dr Sabrina Famous, has been one of my favourite reads so far. In April, when I read on Bernews that they were gifting them for a limited time, I had to get a copy. Now, a little confession, I love collecting books. I will purchase or borrow books and not read them until Fall or Winter. I'm odd like that, I know, but that's why I made it my goal to read multiple books each month, breaking the "book collector hoarder" in me. 

Now, back to the book. Healing Bermuda was very easy to read. Initially, I thought the book was going to be like most health books with fancy words and terms that nobody can pronounce, but it's was a conversational read, like talking to your friends or family.  The book provides breathing exercises, how to set your S.M.A.R.T.E.S.T goal and alternatives to better health. I find it an essential tool, honestly, for anyone who wants to not only take back control of their health but also for those who are younger and want to begin managing their health for the future. 

There are a few chapters in this book that caught my attention, and I'd like to highlight them without giving away too much information. With Bermuda being one of the highest rates of pre-diabetes and diabetes per capita, not to mention, the love for a Bermuda Rum Swizzle, these chapters are vital to breaking the chronic illnesses in this country. 

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Chapter 5 - Oh, Bermuda You're So Sweet! - This chapter offers tips for managing diabetes and how to support your sugar cravings. There are many options to get the nutrients you need while also catering to your sweet tooth. Yes, I know it's easy to give in to that double chocolate chip cookie, but we have to do better. 

Chapter 9 - The Toxic Swizzle - As the saying goes, Bermudians love to drink but do you know how many toxins you are putting into your body? In this section, a comprehensive guide is given to help you naturally detoxify your body, including a deodorant and bath DIY detox. I love DIYs! 

If you read our interview with Dr Ayesha, you’ll remember how important it is to her that we "educate women more". This book not only offered practical exercises for women, but it also provided us with alternatives and recommendations from lessons they've learned from personal experiences. 

Remember everything takes work and discipline. Once we master that, we can conquer any chronic illness. Now, that's bliss! 

Want to get your copy of Healing Bermuda? Visit their website, or purchase a copy on Amazon


Wishing you a blissful journey to wellness!

Taja Fox, Founder & Editor

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Taja Fox