Welcome to Notes from the Editor

Hello, Bliss Beauty! 

I am delighted to introduce this section of Notes from the Editor and honoured to serve every one of you. I wanted to create this space not only to discuss topics that are near and dear to my heart but also give you an inside look at Bliss Women. 

So I encourage you to pop by the site, every month: notes from the Editor highlights the latest events, discusses critical issues and provides reviews on local services and more. Plus, we'll be adding something new to the website in the coming months to make it a little more resourceful for our users. With that in mind, please take a second to send me your questions, thoughts, ideas and let me know what content you're most excited to see highlighted on the site.

And while I have your attention, we're looking for mentors to help our Bliss members. If you are interested in helping empower, motivate and guide a fellow Bliss beauty, fill out the application today. It would only take a few minutes of your time.

I also invite you to sign up to volunteer for our upcoming events. Bliss Women has a few exciting wellness events planned and would love to see you there. 

Thanks for being a critical part of the Bliss Women community, and we hope to hear from you with your thoughts about how we can provide even better content and support to you.

Have a Blissful Day! 

Taja Fox, Founder & Editor

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Taja Fox